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What F1VEart Is All About

At F1VEart Studio & Gallery, we strive to create a space where successful, independent artists have come to connect, inspire, and collaborate. Our heart-centered approach allows us to tap into creative energies, nurture artistic growth, and promote each individual artist’s vision. If you are looking to find a unique piece of art for your space, our studio and gallery offers something for everyone. Come explore our art studio and see what we’re all about.

Mission Statement

As individual professional artists, we support each other by generating new ideas and solutions to individual challenges. We help each other grow in our art businesses by sharing both our challenges and successes. We hold each other accountable for achieving goals and propel each other to the next level. As a group, we consider and create new projects together for the benefit of ourselves, our group and our communities.

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Ann Golumbuk

I followed a traditional path through my life and while I was always creative, I didn’t consider myself an artist until a tragic yet magical twist of fate changed the direction, meaning and course of my life. I found in myself the child-like joy of slushing around in paint, letting my arms fly free and channeling the universe onto the canvas. I revel in the chaos that builds between the pretty and the gritty in my art. It’s the creative energy I release that moves my work forward – it’s electrifying!  

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Every time I create, I am ready to receive.  Every time I create, I am open to seeing a clearer picture of my connection with life. Every time I create, I see a reflection of myself in my work which comes with the gift of clarity and purpose. I paint intuitively, letting layers of paint, marks, fabric and paper interact and unfold into a story. When I discover the story within the painting, its meaning comes into focus. When the meaning has been revealed, my painting is complete. Read More

Susie Zol

Yahel Yan

In my paintings, I am striving to achieve a balance between playfulness and restraint, between joy and solemnity.  I invite the viewer into the scene to witness the story I am revealing. I'm a Mexican artist living in San Diego and I work in multiple mediums including printmaking, oil painting, and acrylics. Each requires a different technical process while my creative process remains the same. Read More


Denise Cerro


Every day begins with a fresh opportunity to explore and discover. You’ll find me in my studio with papers and paint in my hands and curiosity on my mind!  Whether I'm standing in front of my easel or a classroom, I’m always excited about this expressive journey: it's ever changing, always adventurous and completely delightful.  Read More

Manaz Raiszadeh

Bonjour! I like to say that when the universe gifted me with a French edge, a California dream and some hot boiling Afghan blood, I ran with it to make beautiful art! I challenge myself to share stories from my childhood in France with Afghan parents to my school years and beyond in California. Through my art I can share my stories as I explore and discover our world. Read More

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